We provide analysis of public policy. Unlike many political consulting firms (whose expertise may not include sound policy recommendations), or pure public policy impact analysis firms (whose recommendations may not factor in the political environment), Leighty & Associates has extensive experience with both worlds, making our work uniquely positioned to help your organization navigate policy issues, which often straddle the political arena.


Cyber Security In Virginia: Competitive Advantages

This report is an asset map of existing resources and infrastructure that support the cybersecurity industry in Virginia, designed to demonstrate the commitment of Virginia's government, businesses, and educational institutions to this burgeoning field. Find the complete report here


Transition and the New Governor

National Governor's Association

This edition of the transition manual was written to allow governors and their staff to take the reins as quickly and seamlessly as possible. As candidates look forward to the election, many picture the transition as merely the period between election and inauguration. Most sitting governors, however, define the transition much more broadly. To those experienced governors, transition encompasses more than just this time; it covers the period stretching past the critical first 100 days in office to the point when they have confronted most of the important decisions and milestones of their early term. Broadly defined, the transition also includes the period in which most of the crucial personnel, decision-making processes, program development and communications processes are put in place and tested by the new governor.  This guide provides a strategic road map. Find the document here. 

Unmanned Vehicle Systems in Virginia

Commonwealth of Virginia

The purpose of this report is to highlight the work being done in Virginia in the field of unmanned vehicle systems, both through state government, federal and defense, higher education, and the private sector. It is clear that Virginia is the place to be for unmanned vehicle systems.  Find the document here. 


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New College Institute, Commission Report

New College Institute

The New College Institute operates as a higher education center and is a catalyst for economic development. It has given residents of the southern region of Virginia the necessary skills to achieve higher levels of employment by giving them access to higher education. Furthermore, the Institute itself has taken more than 30,000 square feet of previously vacant space in Martinsville and turned it into a vibrant higher education center.

As we approach the sixth anniversary of the Institution in 2012, questions remain about what the most logical next step should be in the New College Institute’s future.  The purpose of the report is to make recommendations to the General Assembly on the future of the Institute.