Leighty & Associates provides efficient, organized, and successful grant writing for non-profits. We're handle all aspects of your grant porfolio (including reporting!) and provide concise, measurable results for you and your board.  Leighty & Associates has a specialty in developing robust corporation and foundation portfolios, and we've increased grant revenue for our clients up to 150% in three years, focusing on the development of long-lasting and sustainable relationships. But we're also prepared to tackle challenging government grants, with successful proposals to a variety of federal and state agencies. 

Let us handle your grant writing needs, and we can increase your overall organizational funding and free up valuable staff time, so that you can focus on make our community a better place to live.  



Matt Leighty, Founder and President

Matt is a grant writing professional with experience working for non-profits, municipalities, and school districts. At ease with large federal applications and corporate and foundation funding sources, he has raised more than $4 million for his clients since launching Leighty & Associates in 2014.  This translates to additional academic resources for thousands of students, mentoring opportunities for thousands of at-risk youth, dozens of scholarships, and hundreds of homeless individuals seeing a doctor to have their basic healthcare needs met, among many other wonderful projects.  Matt works with non-profits to identify programs and stories for funding, new opportunities to tell those stories, and works to build up a high-quality, reliable portfolio for his clients. With a particular expertise in large, technical writing projects, clients have benefited from years of writing and project management experience.  He is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Pepperdine University. After ten years in Los Angeles and Long Beach, he returned to his hometown of Richmond, Virginia in 2017, though he splits time between the coasts.  Matt and his wife, Shannon (who is way better than him), have two children, Xander (4) and June (1). 



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Laura Robidoux, Operations Manager

Laura Robidoux handles the logistics at Leighty & Associates and tells Matt what he is supposed to be doing. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, she was an English teacher for five years. Her experience has allowed her to redefine and reorganize procedural and organizational practices in educational and administrative roles. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and a Master’s in Teaching from Towson University. 


James Schultz, STEAM Specialist

Often chided by relatives for “burying [his] nose in a book,” Jim Schultz took his childhood curiosity and fascination with the written word literally to the bank, leveraging a College of William and Mary degree in English into a career as a science and technology writer. He has written a number of proposals, most of which have been geared toward obtaining federal government funding. 

Jim has worked with such agencies and organizations as NASA, the National Institute of Aerospace, the U.S. Departments of Defense and Energy, the National Institutes of Health, the National Research Council, the American Chemical Society, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, and Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology. 

He was also the creator, executive producer, writer and co-host of Multiverse Radio, a series of two-minute radio episodes that ran for two seasons, and profiled the intersection of science and technology with ingenuity, originality, society and the arts. Initially aired on National Public Radio affiliate WHRV in Norfolk, Virginia, Multiverse also appeared on WVTF in Roanoke, Virginia. 

Like Matt, Jim grew up in Richmond, liking it so much that he wrote a book on his hometown. Today, Jim lives in Norfolk with his most excellent wife, several boisterous birds, and a trio of lovable, if demanding, bunnies.

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Amy Bradshaw, Education and Health Specialist

Amy Bradshaw is a grant writer based in Richmond, Virginia. She has worked as a research associate, evaluation coordinator, fund seeker and funder, both in the government and non-profit sector. Through this experience, she has developed a unique perspective on the grant development process. She is especially interested in working with non-profits to develop their evaluation capacity and effectively communicate their work to funders. 

She received her Master's degree in Social Work with a concentration in policy and planning, and a post-baccalaureate certificate in Nonprofit Management from Virginia Commonwealth University.